[Pythonmac-SIG] Problem during installing MySQL module in Python

Zsolt.Putnoky at alcatel.fr Zsolt.Putnoky at alcatel.fr
Fri Nov 26 08:39:21 CET 2004

Dear All,

I had tried to install MySQLdba-1.0.0 to be able to talk to MySQL 4 
databases. I cd-ed into the MySQLdba-1.0.0 folder then issued the 
following command 

/usr/local/bin/python setup.py install # /usr/local/bin/python is to 
select the custom installation (Python 2.3.4) and not the Apple provided 

At the end of the installation, had received the following message

_mysql.c: In function `_mysql_ConnectionObject_shutdown':
_mysql.c:1545: error: too few arguments to function `mysql_shutdown'
error: command 'gcc' failed with exit status 1

Does anyone has any ideas what can be the problem? Any help appreciated.

Have a good weekend,

Zsolt Putnoky

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