[Pythonmac-SIG] Mac OS 10.3.5 and tkinter.

Paul Taka takaanna at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 26 14:09:19 CET 2004

Yes, in fact, I've just noticed it before check my mail...
But I used darwin-7.5.0 instead... (It doesn't matter?)

When I tried to launch the python scripts I wrote under linux, I got an 
encoding problem. So as it is written on python.org, I added
# -*- enconding: utf-8 -*-

And replaced #!/usr/bin/python with #!/usr/bin/pythonw

But I still have problems :(

My HelloWorld is like this:

from Tkinter import *


tex1= Label(fen1, text="Hello World!", fg='red')

tex2= Label(fen1, text="Bonjour à tous !", fg="blue")

bou1= Button(fen1, text="Quit", command=fen1.destroy)


And I get:
syntax error near unexpected token `('

Are there compatibility problem with python programs using TK?

Thanks a lot again.


>In PackageManager select File | Open URL
 in PackMan and try:
>Ignore the warning message!
>If you go to www.python.org/packman you'll find more info.

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