[Pythonmac-SIG] PackageManager / Twisted & fpconst Problems -- was: Problems installing MacPython add-ons for 10.3

Stefan Kirchberg stefan.kirchberg at web.de
Fri Nov 26 17:15:46 CET 2004

Installing the add-ons was no problem on my system, which is a freshly 
re-installed 10.3.6 (after a HD failure) with the latest online 

But the Package Manager fails to load to the packet list 
(version-0.3/darwin-7.6.0-.... ist not found, giving a HTTP 404 error).

So I tried to use 7.5.0 instead, which seems to work (but only as an 
admin, ok).

Btw, the scrollbar in the package list widget is broken, it snaps back 
to the list head.

Next, I tried to install Twisted by using the URL 

Here I had a problem with the dependency package 
'fpconst-0.6.0-source', which gave a MD5 checksum error and refused to 

What to do now??

Thank you, regards

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