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Kevin Walzer sw at wordtech-software.com
Fri Oct 8 16:07:12 CEST 2004

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Thank you for the revised code and instructions on wxGlade. I will take
give them a try today and report back.

All best,

Bob Ippolito wrote:
| (Note: this information is relevant to `py2app`_ 0.1.2 - which is
| currently just on the `svn trunk`_)
| In order to see how hard it would be to package a complicated
| application such as `wxGlade`_, I decided to give it a try.  `wxGlade`_
| is quite a dynamic beast with regard to code generation and widget
| plugins, so it was a bit of a pain to deal with.  I actually had to add
| several features to `py2app`_ in the process:
| * A feature where one module can be "aliased" to another module.  I
| needed this because wxPython.wx points to wx, but is not actually on
| the filesystem.
| * An extensible module filtering system, so a recipe can say "yes" or
| "no" to any extension or python module it comes across.  Before this,
| there was only one static filter that would say "no" to standard
| library modules when using a vendor Python.
| `wxGlade`_ causes problems because it needs to list the "codegen" and
| "widgets" directories, and load code from them.  This would be easy if:
| * The path were configurable in some way (using sys.path, a separate
| variable, etc.).  Packages go into .../Python/site-packages/, where it
| expected to see them at .../
| * The list of modules were configurable in some way (right now it
| expects to perform an os.listdir)
| The naive way would be to just include them as data files, however this
| prevents dependency analysis from occurring.  It turns out that
| `wxGlade`_ did indeed cause new dependencies in these modules so a more
| complicated solution was required.  The solution to this particular
| problem is in three parts:
| 1. Add "codegen" and "widgets" as data files
| 2. Add a wxglade recipe that scans all of these plugins for dependencies
| 3. Have the wxglade recipe install a filter that makes sure these
| dependencies aren't copied into the normal place
| The other customization I used was a custom boot script, wxGlade.py.
| This boot script does two things:
| 1. Starts up wxGlade as per wxglade.py, but in a simpler way (less is
| needed, the environment is already sane)
| 2. Monkeypatches a bug in `wxGlade`_ so that it can open the help files
| The example setup.py and bootstrap wxGlade.py are located at:
| http://undefined.org/python/wxGlade-0.3.4-py2app.tgz
| Note that setup.py expects a `wxGlade 0.3.4`_ distribution to be
| unpacked in ./wxGlade-0.3.4
| .. _`py2app`: http://undefined.org/python/#py2app
| .. _`svn trunk`: http://svn.red-bean.com/bob/py2app/trunk
| .. _`wxGlade`: http://wxglade.sourceforge.net/
| .. _`wxGlade 0.3.4`:  http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?
| group_id=58225&package_id=54072&release_id=264401
| -bob

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