[Pythonmac-SIG] obtaining versions of application bundles

Just van Rossum just at letterror.com
Fri Oct 22 21:24:50 CEST 2004

Bob Ippolito wrote:

> Ok, I'll bite:
> - added plistlib.readPlistFromResource and
> - changed aliasing of builtin (file -> fileobj)
> - made float use the correct accuracy (str -> repr)
> - fixed date parsing (current version requires PyXML, and it was wrong 
> even then.. fixed to use stdlib and correct semantics)
> - changed internal representation of dates to datetime.datetime
> of float timestamp
> http://svn.red-bean.com/bob/plistlib/trunk/plistlib.py
> I'll add a patch to sourceforge, would you like me to assign it to you 
> or someone else?  ;)

Assign it to me if you also patch the __all__ list...


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