[Pythonmac-SIG] readline support in ActivePython 2.4.2?

Chris Barker Chris.Barker at noaa.gov
Thu Dec 1 01:59:56 CET 2005

Dave wrote:
>  Chris,
> I did try to use those notes

Those notes specifically addressed how to statically link the extra 
libs, so you probably missed something, which is probably because I 
didn't write them very clearly.

 > I posted
> a question with the error report on matplotlib-users

I saw that, but had no time to help right then.

>>I compiled/installed versions of freetype and libpng but I'm not really
>>sure if or how to get matplotlib to find them.

>>Symbol not found: _vsprintf$LDBLStub
>> Referenced from:

> It was late night when I originally posted this but now I can guess what it
> might mean.  Is ft2font.so the actual name of the binary freetype library
> file?

That's an MPL compiled module that should have been created during the 
build, and it looks like it was.

>  And let me guess, I need to drag a file with that name into
> site-packages/matplotlib? 

It should be there already. If not, something went wrong with the install.

> In general will unix apps that need libraries find them if they are found on
> your $PATH or are they hard-coded to look somewhere specific.

no, they look for them in the dynamic library path. On Linux, this is 
defined in /etc/ld.conf. I'm not sure about OS-X. In this case, I think 
you're right, it's looking for the freetype libs, and not finding them. 
I'm not sure where they should be, or how to add to the path OS-X looks 
for them in.

 > I keep
> running into library and path issues again and again on unix systems.

I've and fewer of them than on Windows!.

My solution was to build MPL against the static libs. It shouldn't be 
necessary for your own system, but it makes it a lot easier to 
distribute, and does get rid of the Path issues one you've got it built.

I'll spend a few minutes messing with it now, but I don't' actually need 
it right now, so I won't put in much time.


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