[Pythonmac-SIG] Speed up Python on the Mac?

Louis Pecora pecora at anvil.nrl.navy.mil
Tue Dec 6 18:07:26 CET 2005

I am seeking opinions on the best approaches to speed up Python on my 
Mac (OS X 10.3.9).

I know about the profiling and find the bottlenecks approach, but then 
the choices of what to do are not clear.  I have in the past written a 
few C modules and turned them into importable Python modules, but that 
was really time consuming and frustrating.

I see there are many other approaches (SWIG, Pyrex, Psyco -- some may 
not be available on the Mac), so I thought I would start here to ask 
what people in this email list use and recommend. 

I am looking for something that is an all-in-one package (if possible), 
easy to use (if possible), and reliable (a must).  Does such exist for OS X?

I do number crunching/scientific programming using BBEdit and the Apple 
supplied Python.  I do not need to squeeze every last CPU cycle out of 
my Mac, just get a good speedup ratio (roughly 5X or better).

Thanks for any advice.


Lou Pecora

Code 6362
Naval Research Lab
Washington, DC  20375
Ph:  +202-767-6002
email:  pecora at anvil.nrl.navy.mil

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