[Pythonmac-SIG] Speed up Python on the Mac?

Louis Pecora pecora at anvil.nrl.navy.mil
Tue Dec 6 19:29:34 CET 2005

Nicholas Riley wrote:

> Perhaps you can describe some of the bottlenecks you're experiencing,
>or post some code fragments?  The lsprof profiler has worked for me:
>  <http://codespeak.net/svn/user/arigo/hack/misc/lsprof/>
Thanks for the pointer, Nick. 

I have no particular example right now.  I have been using Python for a 
few years to knock off quicky, what-if calculations.  RAD number 
crunching.  Most of my bigger programs are in C++, but I think I would 
do better spending my time in Python with only "special programming" for 
my heavy CPU code portions.  Many of my programs are menu driven (not 
GUI, but just simple I/O on what to do next as the app is running).  
That's slow in C++ (even though I have a style down for it).  Much 
faster in Python.  Most scientific code is never done.  You're always 
trying what-if stuff.  Python is perfect for that.  I just need to get 
the speed when the crunching comes up.  If I could find that latter 
solution, I would switch my programming style over to Python in a hurry.

>Psyco for the most part does not work on non-Intel processors.  PyPy
>static translation does work if you write in RPython, but debugging
>translation failures is time-consuming and not particularly easy.
>If you have any free x86 boxes, you might do what I do - write on the
>Mac and run somewhere else faster, perhaps with Psyco.  That also has
>the benefit of keeping your Mac free for interactive use.


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