[Pythonmac-SIG] import problems

Bob Ippolito bob at redivi.com
Sat Dec 10 01:07:07 CET 2005

On Dec 9, 2005, at 3:55 PM, Zhi Peng wrote:

> What was the difference when I try to install module say I have  
> module.py on Macintosh?
> from distutils.core import setup
> setup(name="MyModule", version="1.0" py_modules=["module.py"])
> Is above enough to set up the module? Where are "module.py" should  
> be in current dir?

I don't really understand the question, but the distutils  
documentation is here:

I would suggest using packages instead of modules, and to go ahead  
and use setuptools for anything new.  It does a lot of things that  
distutils should've always done, and integrates with ez_setup, eggs,  

In that case, you'd end up with something like this:

from setuptools import setup
setup(name=.., version=..., packages=find_packages())


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