[Pythonmac-SIG] Solution to some SWIG Install problems on Mac OS X

Rob Managan managan at llnl.gov
Tue Dec 13 19:08:05 CET 2005

At 12:41 PM -0500 12/13/05, Louis Pecora wrote:
>Christopher Barker wrote:
>  >
>>The dangers of borrowing other people's code! Why are you using tsch anyway?
>>bash really is nicer, unless you're really used to a C shell. And it's the
>>OS-X default (and most Linuxes also).
>Well, I thought the default was tsch.  Shows what I know.  I really
>don't like the tsch scripting language.  It's more clumsy so I suppose I
>should switch.   Not sure how to do that, but I'll look it up.

Just to clear this up. The default shell in the first version or two 
of OSX was tcsh. According to 
the change came in going from Jaguar to Panther. If you upgraded from 
Jaguar to Panther your default shell was not changed.

The URL above goes over some of the differences in the shells and how 
to switch it yourself
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