[Pythonmac-SIG] py2app uses wrong version of wxPython?

Erik Westra ewestra at wave.co.nz
Tue Dec 20 21:10:12 CET 2005

Hi Kevin,

> When you run py2app, the output should indicate exactly where it is  
> getting the wxPython scripts and dlls from. Search the py2app  
> output for any instances of 'wx' in the filename, then track down  
> those locations and see what the wxPython version is there. I've  
> released bundles using so I don't think that in and of  
> itself is the problem here.

Thanks -- it was the clue I needed to figure this out.  When I had  
copied the source code from my old machine, I'd accidentally copied a  
"temp" directory which was used by py2app as the "bdist_base" input  
to the setup() call, and that temp directory included the older copy  
of wxPython.  I'm not sure why py2app didn't recognise that the files  
were out of date and replace them with the newer version, but never  
mind - I simply deleted the "temp" directory, ran py2app again, and  
it works.

Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions and help!

  - Erik.

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