[Pythonmac-SIG] Re: Pythonmac-SIG Digest, Vol 22, Issue 46

Andrew Meit meitnik at bellsouth.net
Mon Feb 14 22:11:02 CET 2005

On Feb 14, 2005, at 3:04 PM, pythonmac-sig-request at python.org wrote:

> And it seems that very often programmers never do get around to that 
> 'rebuild and replace' stage, because as soon as they've reached 
> working code it's considered 'done', and to then throw that code away 
> and start all over again is anathema. Coming from a fine art 
> background, I _know_ that if you've a day to draw a life picture, then 
> the best way to spend that time is 'wasting' the first half on 
> throwaway sketches and only sitting down to the final version in the 
> final few remaining hours, not spend all day hammering away at this 
> one single drawing from 9 till 5.

-- YES, I once, when much younger, did Type (known for my Gutenberg 
font work) and graphic design; and so "write and burn" method was 
carried over to my coding as second nature. However, I found out in 
programming world rarely was that method valued or wanted: "gotta ship, 
	Which brings up another point: testing. Does python support robust 
testing tools or methods?? I code towards quality and so an IDE needs 
to support that goal. :-)

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