[Pythonmac-SIG] Qualcomm Purevoice codec

Roger Binns rogerb at rogerbinns.com
Tue Mar 1 05:50:24 CET 2005

> The quicktime module for Python 2.4 has a lot of new functionality (and 
> it's also available as an addon for Python 2.3, through my experimental 
> database for Package Manager). Access to codecs is one of the things 
> that has been added.

Can you please give me some direction on how to get this into Python
2.3?  (The documentation, whats installed, various urls etc all
contradict each other on what packaging systems are actually currently
in use and maintained).

> But, of course, I've only tested it very lightly and it's very possible 
> I forgot some essential things. Could you please check whether Python 
> 2.4 (or its Carbon.Qt module used in 2.3) allows you to access the 
> codec you need?

I will do so for Python 2.3.


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