Getting stdin using TextWrangler or BBEdit, but not MacPython (was: [Pythonmac-SIG] One IDE can find sys._buf, the other can't. What's going on?)

Louis Pecora pecora at
Thu Mar 3 22:57:50 CET 2005

Bob Ippolito wrote:

> As far as this code goes, you might be able to just get away with it 
> if you do:
> # check for MacPython IDE
> if hasattr(sys.stdout, '_buf'):
>     sys.stdout._buf = ...

You're right this is a test that would shut off the _buf part of the 
code if I were not using MacPython. 

> It really depends on what the rest of your code looks like.  If it 
> does sys.stdout.readline() for example, it's still going to be broken, 
> because you can't normally read from stdout.  The rawinput() function 
> might do what you want everywhere else, though.

I can't seem to get rawinput or raw_input() to work.  Ignoring my 
previous code.  I just want something that can take standard input so, 
for instance, when I prompt with

print "Input 2 ints and a float"

The program will wait until I type, say

 2 5  5.476  (return)

Then hand back the three numbers either as a string, a list, or 
individual int and float types so I can process them with my program.  
Sort of like 

int i1, i2;
float f1;

scanf(" %d %d %e", i1, i2, f1); 

would do in C using stdin.  Or even a gets() which I could then process 
to pull out the two ints and a float. 

I'm just looking for simple input of numbers and strings.  I'd like to 
do this from BBEdit rather than MacPython.  Anyone out there done this 
with TextWrangler?


Lou Pecora

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