[Pythonmac-SIG] More on stdin and python scripts in BBEdit and TextWrangler

Martina Oefelein Martina at Oefelein.de
Fri Mar 4 21:42:50 CET 2005

Hello Louis,

> The worksheet seems to solve that problem, but it does not enable me 
> to use TextWrangler or BBEdit as an IDE-type environment.

well, many people have been looking for a good python IDE on the Mac - 
in fact, there has been a really long discussion about this a few weeks 
ago. You might look it up in the archives.

> In fact what I want to do won't even work in the terminal window.  I 
> have some simple functions that require interactive use, i.e. Apple 
> events (e.g. file open and saves using EasyDialogs).  Using them 
> terminates the program in a terminal, a python session (with the >>> 
> prompt), or a worksheet with the message:
> MacOS.Error: (-1713, 'no user interaction is allowed')

just use pythonw instead of python.


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