[Pythonmac-SIG] Using UKKQueue with PyObjC

Florian Munz newsletter at theflow.de
Tue Mar 8 21:35:36 CET 2005

Bob Ippolito <bob at redivi.com> wrote:

> You forgot to specify WHICH notification in Converter.. you're saying
> "add my documentChanged: selector as an observer to... nothing".

The object and name are None, because I want to listen to all
notifications (just for this test, but adding a specific name doesn't
change anyting in this example).

However, if I instantiate the Converter class over IB everything works
as intended, but if I delete the instance from IB and create the object
via Converter.alloc().init() from the other class the App crashes. I get
segfaults and bus error from pdb.

I uploaded the crash-log [1] if this is any help, but I think I am just
doing something fundamental wrong, but I don't know how to debug this
any further.


[1] http://theflow.de/TestCocoa_crash.log

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