[Pythonmac-SIG] GUI design tools

Mark Phillips mark at mophilly.com
Wed Mar 9 20:42:13 CET 2005

This may be a perennial subject. If this is an oft-repeated request, I 
sincerely apologize for wasting bandwidth.

I have a database application I would like to build in Python. I use 
MacOS X as my primary machine, but historically I have supported old 
MacOS and Windows machines. This makes it hard for me to abandon the 
"cross-platform" mindset. I like tools that ease the creation and 
deployment of applications.

The ideal solution for me would be a tool set that is similar to 
popular RAD tools such as 4D, Omnis Studio and the like. Using these 
have spoiled me rotten as a programmer, and I find myself balking at 
the installation requirements of the pythonic stuff I have looked at. 
That is, as I work through the steps I wonder how on earth an end user 
will deal with this.

I have experience with OOP, OOA&D and have about 16 years experience 
writing various stand-alone, client/server and n-tier business 
applications. I am getting a handle on Python, and I have written a 
couple of "faceless" applications with it.

Perhaps I just need a good "not quite a dummy" article, book or 
something. I have read "Learning Python" and make good use of 
python.org resources. Still, I haven't found joy with user experience 
tools yet.

I would be most grateful for any links or suggestions.


Mark Phillips

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