[Pythonmac-SIG] Python Help Link in IDLE

Lee Cullens lee_cullens at mac.com
Tue Mar 15 07:38:57 CET 2005

First, this question has most likely been asked before, but I can't get 
the hang of easily searching the archives so any pointers in that 
regard would be appreciated also (and limit my dumb questions :~).  I'm 
new to Mac and the Python community, but I'm retired from a software 
engineering career.  Dual 2.5 Power Mac G5 (OS X 10.3.8) Python 2.3

My limited experience so far with IDLE is positive, but Selecting 
Help>Python Docs (or F1) does nothing for me (nothing appears). I found 
what I think is the appropriate file on my system 
(/Library/Tci/docs/SWIG/Manual/Python.html) and using Options>Configure 
IDLE>General tab I added an additional help source browsing for the 
file noted.  I also tried variations such as file:///Library....... but 
all to no avail.  I can access the Python docs from PythonIDE and I can 
access IDLE Help in IDLE, but not Python Docs in IDLE.

Might someone tell me how I should access Python Hepl docs from IDLE?

Thank you,

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