[Pythonmac-SIG] python make failing: "ImportError: No module named MacOS"

OpenMacNews OpenMacNews at speakeasy.net
Sun Mar 20 00:22:48 CET 2005

hi bob,

>> then why offer the --prefix arg in the first place?  just for
>> NON-framework installs?
> Yes, --prefix is for non-framework installs.  If you read the docs for
> frameworks, you'll see that it's only "lightly tested" with an alternate
> path.  You may have more luck if you just use the defaults.  The docs also
> say that you can move the framework later.


ah ...

>> anyone else, perhaps with ideas?  or should i take this over the the dev 
> I doubt there's anyone on dev that would be able to help you that isn't also
> subscribed here.

fair nuf.  always best to ask, i find ... cuz 'they' all get pretty ornery if 
ya don' belong ;-D

> You'll probably just have to wait,

beer has been opened ...

> or dig deeper into the output of make to find out why MacOS isn't building,
> or isn't loading properly.

yup.  1st gotta figure out 'what' MacOS 'is' ...

> I suspect that you may have some weird environment variables set, maybe


> maybe DYLD_*, etc.

changes, but at the moment,

    /usr/local/berkeley-db/lib: /usr/local/cyrus-sasl/lib: /usr/local/ssl/lib: 
/usr/local/lib: /System/Library/Frameworks: /usr/lib: /usr/X11R6/lib

tried moving/removing the '/System/Library/Frameworks', to no avail ...

> You may also want to make sure that the
> MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET environment variable is set to 10.3.  The only thing
> I left out is that I have MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET set to 10.3 in my rc.


> Oh, and note that if you DO move the framework, you will need to run
> install_name_tool over it, the python executable, and possibly ALL of the
> extensions if MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET was set to 10.2 (or maybe if not set
> at all, I haven't confirmed the default behavior when not set).

this i need to remember ...

thanks again.  now to dig & wait =)


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