[Pythonmac-SIG] OS9/2.1 IDE problem

Michael Dunn mdunn at cantares.on.ca
Mon Mar 21 00:00:02 CET 2005

    At 11:04 PM +0100 2005/3/20, Just van Rossum wrote:
>Michael Dunn wrote:
>>      Yeah, I'm using old stuff, I know.
>>      Having a weird problem.  I've defined a few functions for a
>>  program and put them in a separate file.  In my main program I write
>>  "from filename import *".
>>      When I run as an applet, everything seems to work.  When I run
>>  from the IDE, it appears that ONLY THE FIRST function is imported.
>>      And guess what?  I just solved the problem.  I ran the function
>>  defs from the IDE, then my main program.  It worked.  Still seems a
>>  bit odd...
>Sounds like you have a circular import? Module A importing module B
>importing module A?

    Nope.  It's quite simple at the moment...  Could it be something 
to do with an old pyo or pyc file being used in one instance but not 
the other?


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