[Pythonmac-SIG] installing MySQL for Python

Christian Meesters meesters at uni-mainz.de
Wed Mar 23 18:55:28 CET 2005

On 23 Mar 2005, at 17:00, Bob Ippolito wrote:
> I think what's most important here is how you installed MySQL.  
> Apparently the MySQL extension is looking for components of MySQL that 
> you do not have installed, or that you have installed in a location 
> other than where the extension knows to look.

Right. I installed MySQL from a darwinport 
('mysql-standard-4.1.10-apple-darwin6.8-powerpc') and don't have this 
mysql_config file - for whatever reason.
Seems like I have to de-install MySQL and re-install it from scratch. 
But this will have to wait until tomorrow ...

Anyway, thanks for all your help!

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