[Pythonmac-SIG] MacEnthon ...

Robert Kern rkern at ucsd.edu
Fri Mar 25 19:45:11 CET 2005

... is not here, yet!

But it will be! I have one more issue to work out before cutting a
pre-release. Sadly, I must get some science done today.

So I issue a challenge to the PythonMac masses: Write me an uninstaller. 
  Standalone GUI is a plus, although I can live with a CLI script. For 
now, it only needs to be run by the intrepid testers. One ought to be 
able to uninstall indivdual packages.

Almost all of the packages are built using bdist_mpkg. A few are made by
PackageMaker.app. Another few (MacPython extras and wxPython, notably)
come from their original, non-bdist_mpkg packagers.

Assume that you can have a list of packages to check for hard-coded. 
Everything gets installed somewhere under

   - /Developer/Documentation/Enthon
   - /Developer/Python
   - /Library/Python/2.3
   - /usr/local
   - /Applications/MacPython-2.3

In return for your generosity, you get my eternal gratitude[1], the
beverage of your choice should we happen to be in the same city
somewhen, and a brand spankin' new MacEnthon by Monday.

wxPython has a CLI uninstaller for itself that you can steal from.

Attached is the current MacEnthon ReadMe thingy. Yell at me if there's
something obviously bogus in it (but no package requests, please. We'll
talk about adding to this 157Mib behemoth later).

[1] Which I imagine will be somewhat tricky to fulfill once I die, but
that just makes it *so* much more valuable.

Robert Kern
rkern at ucsd.edu

"In the fields of hell where the grass grows high
   Are the graves of dreams allowed to die."
    -- Richard Harter

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