[Pythonmac-SIG] plistservices 3 is available

Sarwat Khan sarwat at sarwat.net
Sun Mar 27 06:33:16 CEST 2005

> Since we fixed the bugs in plistlib w.r.t. date/time stuff before the 
> release of Python 2.4, is there any particularly good reason to use 
> plistservices instead of the updated plistlib?

Well, there is the fact that you have to go to 
http://sarwat.net/opensource/ to get it. Is that a good reason? :)

The most useful part is the classes it contains and the programming 
interface that mimics Cocoa. When I'm using  plists I often want to 
manipulate dates the same way I do in Cocoa/CF (datetime et al can be 
annoying). plistservices has the following classes with the following 

class Data:
	description - CF style description
	bytes	- raw str

class Date (datetime.datetime):
	timeIntervalSince1970		-- and vica versa
	timeIntervalSinceReferenceDate	-- and vv
	dateFromStandard8601String	- gives you a datetime from an 8601 string; 
useful with MySQL and the like.

class EasternTimeZone (datetime.tzinfo):
	Fixed offset in minutes east of UTC

class TimeInterval (datetime.timedelta):
	duration - in seconds, same as NSTimeInterval
	durationForTimeDelta, a class method for getting the seconds of any 
timedelta object.

	timeIntervalFromStandard8601TimeString(self, string) from 
      |      mx.DateTime compatibility method.
      |      Given an iso 8601 time string (HH:MM:SS.FF), returns a 
      |      compatible with mx.DateTime.ISO.ParseTimeDelta. This means 
      |      you can also add a - in front of the value to create a 
      |      time delta.
	(hey, copy & paste is a good idea)

	timeIntervalWithTimeDelta, a TimeInterval from a timedelta.

And then there's two module functions, dataFromPropertyList and 
propertyListFromData, which do what NSPropertyListSerialization does.

{sarwat khan : http://sarwat.net}

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