[Pythonmac-SIG] RE: IDE recommendation

Lee Cullens lee_cullens at mac.com
Wed Mar 30 09:42:04 CEST 2005

Wanted to say thank you to Bob, Chris and Mark.

I'll let IDLE and SPE just sit there for the time being.  Maybe I' get 
back to SPE after Tiger and see if I can work with them to get it to 
play well with Mac - we'll see where I'm at.

I've got Leo up and running. It isn't everything I would like in a 
sandbox but it does have an intriguing organizational approach that 
I'll either learn to love or hate :~).  Would like to first figure out 
how to keep it from opening up two terminal windows when it starts 
though - maybe a good learning exercise.

Beginning my software engineering career in the 60's with computer 
sciences curriculum  of mostly "brand new" IBM 360 assembler and ending 
such with distributed HP3000 systems (Unix and C) I have fell in love 
with my new Mac (I passed over the 1990s Apple).  I think the elegance 
of the high level GUI combined with an intuitive underbelly is a 
combination neither of the other two platforms approach.  Anyway since 
I'm now retired, I'm going to do the development I want to on the 
platform I like (to keep my mind active and happy) even if such 
generates more "keep busy" work.

Best to all and thanks again,
Lee C

> Relative to my previous post : RE: SPE-OSX IDE with Python on Mac or 
> others?
> I'm leery of SPE, so maybe a more general recommendation - an IDE I 
> can "grow with" that has a significant user base, is still reasonably 
> maintained (maybe even evolving).  I'll work out how to integrate 
> Python scripts in Blender when I get to that point, but for now I need 
> to create modules (duh - text edit), debug, package and deliver on an 
> OS X platform.  It seems there should be a viable sandbox to work 
> within.  I'm aware of the Wing IDE but have not purchased it yet - I 
> don't know enough yet to know if is really worth it.
> Thanks,
> Lee C
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