[Pythonmac-SIG] Fwd: MacPython icon mockup

Ronald Oussoren ronaldoussoren at mac.com
Sat Apr 22 22:09:44 CEST 2006

On 22-apr-2006, at 20:36, Jacob Rus wrote:

> Ronald Oussoren wrote:
>>>   3. Let's make sure that python files get useful "kMDItemKind"  
>>> names.
>>>      Right now, if I associate one with PythonIDE.app, I get  
>>> "plain text
>>>      file" for .pyc, and "Document" for .pyo, which is not useful.
>> That related to the spotlight importer.
> No, it's related to the CFBundleTypeName declared in the Info.plist  
> of the application assigned to them.

Mhmm, I should have researched that before writing my message. The  
Info.plist issue is fixable.

>> Now that we (almost) have new icons it would be great if someone  
>> could have
>> a look at IDLE and at the very least writes down what could be  
>> done to make
>> it a better OSX citizen. Actual patches would of course even be  
>> better.
>> Please keep in mind that IDLE is a cross-platform application using
>> tkinter and that it is probably virtually impossible to make it a
>> really great OSX application.
> Can we start by using cmd-q, cmd-s, cmd-v, etc. as the keyboard  
> shortcuts?  The ctrl- versions are confusing, and also override  
> useful text shortcuts like ^a to go to the beginning of the line, etc.
> Also, opt-/, opt-g, opt-shift-s, and opt-m are completely worthless  
> as shortcuts because they get overridden as ÷, ©, Í, and µ before  
> ever making it to the menus.
> Of course, that won't go /that/ far toward making IDLE work on Mac,  
> but it's a start.

Those changes are actually quite easy, IDLE has some configuration  
files that contain the key-bindings it uses. What bothers me most is  
the menu-bar and layout of some windows.

>> I wouldn't make a distintion between applets (what buildapplet  
>> builds) and applications (what py2app builds) and prefer the  
>> generic application icon for both of them.
> Okay, that's fine.
>> The only thing that seems to be missing is an icon for 'Build  
>> Applet'.
> Indeed.  I'll try, but I'm not sure I'm up to drawing it.
>> Now that we're almost there it is time to be annoying ;-). Are you  
>> willing to donate these icons to the PSF (Python Software  
>> Foundation), are at least write down the terms in which these  
>> icons may be used?  I've sent a message to python-dev to ask what  
>> is needed to get new icons included into the python distribution.
> I'd be glad to have the PSF use them for any purpose.  Some sort of  
> attribution would be nice too.  What's the norm for these things?

I don't know. If send a message to python-dev and the PSF to ask  
about this.


> -Jacob

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