[Pythonmac-SIG] controlling iTunes with appscript

Dethe Elza delza at livingcode.org
Mon Dec 4 19:23:17 CET 2006

On 4-Dec-06, at 8:00 AM, Craig Amundsen wrote:

> I've tried that. I'm trying to move my library from one external  
> Firewire
> drive to an external RAID1 setup. Doing the consolidate moved about  
> 10% of
> the files and then crapped out with an error that said something  
> about being
> able to read/write a drive. Repeated attempts to consolidate the  
> library now
> die with the read/write error immediately. I don't think it's a  
> problem with
> either drive since I can read and write from both of them. It may  
> be that
> RAID is too slow to keep up with whatever iTunes is trying to do. I  
> was
> hoping I could do a manual copy and then update all the locations via
> appscript. This having the advantage of allowing me to preserve  
> metadata. I
> guess it's time to forget about the metadata since I'm not going to  
> do the
> one-at-a-time location update from within iTunes.

Can you set the metadata from AppScript? I'm assuming you can, but  
haven't been following this thread that closely.  You could try  
backing up your iTunes/iTunes Music Library.xml file and write a  
script to parse it and set the metadata on your files once you've  
moved them.  It looks like a standard plist file, so you can use the  
python plist library to do the parsing.  I'm sure the unique Track ID  
will be different, but you could key off artist + title + size and  
reset the other information (play counts, rating, etc.).  I'm pretty  
sure iTunes reads this file on startup to set up its internal  
database, but I don't have time to test this theory right now.

If that doesn't work, there still may be value in thinking outside  
the AppScript box.


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