[Pythonmac-SIG] pythonmac packages question

Russell E. Owen rowen at cesmail.net
Thu Dec 7 18:40:14 CET 2006

In article <B94FADCE-B655-49E3-B08D-51776FC35AB2 at cs.hmc.edu>,
 belinda thom <bthom at cs.hmc.edu> wrote:

> Hi,
> As of my prior post, I was able to get into pythonmac.org.
> There I found many of the packages it seems I'll need. I was able to  
> install Numeric and WxPython (I chose the later dmg, v and  
> matplotlib.
> This site has no Tkinter and no IPython packages. Where do MacPython  
> people go for such things?

Tkinter is already included with MacPython. It will use the built-in 
(crummy) Aqua Tcl/Tk or you can install a newer better version.

ActiveState recently released 8.4.14 as a universal binary (the first 
universal binary version), which is handy if you want to redistribute 
your code. So far it seems pretty robust, though it does have a few 
known bugs.

-- Russell

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