[Pythonmac-SIG] py2app plugin problem: "Error loading code"

Niko Matsakis niko at alum.mit.edu
Sun Dec 10 23:38:21 CET 2006

> The problem is that py2app/bundletemplate/prebuild/main in the  
> py2app distribution is an intel-only binary (at least in the  
> current trunk) instead of a universal binary.

Okay, I must say, I would *never* have guessed that!  I wonder how  
that file changed?  As I said, this used to work... perhaps  
DarwinPorts took it upon itself to upgrade py2app in some way?  In  
any case, after doing your setup.py trick, everything seemed better.   
Thanks a lot!

Now, next question:

to get python imports to work and the python bundle to start, I found  
I have to add a symbolic link from "Contents/Resources/Python" to  
"Contents/Resources/lib/python2.4".  While I can do this if  
necessary, do you have any idea why things don't just end up in the  
right places on their own?

Is DarwinPorts not the best way to go about using things, anyhow?  It  
seems that most things don't really work too smoothly.  If so, what  
is the recommended configuration?


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