[Pythonmac-SIG] cyptes problem on MacOS X

Hubert Holin Hubert.Holin at lmd.polytechnique.fr
Tue Dec 12 11:02:12 CET 2006

Paris (U.E.), le 12/12/2006


On Mon Dec 11 21:20:23 CET 2006, Russell E. Owen wrote:

> Other suggestions are welcome. We'll mostly be interfacing to C++ so
> I've considered trying out Boost, but it hasn't had an update in years
> which worries me. Robustness, ease of use and speed are all major
> requirements. Linux and MacOS X are the main platforms.

		Admittedly, the latest Boost release is taking longer than what we  
would have hoped (it is an overwhelmingly volunteer effort, and as  
far as I am concerned, I know I was far less available to help than I  
would have liked, so I can understand that others are in the same  
boat...), but I can assure you that Boost is alive and well, and last  
I heard the next release is indeed now at hand.

		As regards the Python bindings in particular, a lot has been done,  
as can be seen from messages on the c++-sig list. At any rate, it is  
always possible to join Boost and download the WIP library rather  
than the official release if there is a particular, urgent, need.

	Bon courage

			Hubert Holin

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