[Pythonmac-SIG] Hello, and Wiki vandalism

Uche Ogbuji uche at ogbuji.net
Sun Dec 31 01:21:20 CET 2006

Bob Ippolito wrote:
> On 12/29/06, Uche Ogbuji <uche at ogbuji.net> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I just switched to a MacBook Pro for my primary dev box, so I guess I'll
>> be hanging out here.  I was trying to get started and went to the WIki,
>> the FAQ in particular
>> http://pythonmac.org/wiki/FAQ
>> The page was spammed/vandalized on the 18th.  I checked recent changes
>> and a lot of pages got this treatment in mid-December,.  I'm surprised
>> they haven't been fixed, considering the importance of these pages.  I
>> know it's probably just a lack of volunteer time but I also know
>> MoinMoin has some serviceable anti-spam features.  I tried to fix the
>> FAQ page myself reverting to the pre-spam version, but there seems to be
>> some bug where preview shows the fixed version, but when I submit, it
>> seems to be re-submitting the spam version.  Really strange.  Leaves me
>> wondering what's the status of admin on the wiki.
>> Thanks, and happy hols, all.
> The version of MoinMoin that's running on doesn't have anti-spam
> features. It's OLD. If someone with MoinMoin experience wants to take
> over managing the wiki I'd be all for that, but I can't set that up
> until after Jan 3.
> I've been away from the country all month (and am still away), and in
> general I don't have much time for the wiki. I definitely can't do
> anything about it until next year because I'm in Shanghai and the
> earthquake in Taipei basically took out the route between China and
> the US (~80% packet loss). The ISPs out here aren't smart enough or
> just don't want to pay extra peering costs so it doesn't seem like
> they're going to route around the problems. The undersea cables won't
> be fixed for weeks.
> On top of all that my MacBook Pro's power supply melted and they
> charge nearly twice what it costs in the US for one out here
> (infinitely more considering a replacement would be free at home), so
> it's hard to get at my SSH keys right now... even if I could make a
> working TCP connection to the states (if only Google had a proxy).

Ouch.  Sorry to hear of all those problems (I had heard of the undersea 
cable damage issue).  I really have no cycles available to admin the 
Wiki, but I hope someone is able to step forward.

I tried to do my little part by at least documenting what I learned and 
what worked for me:


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