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Ronald Oussoren ronaldoussoren at mac.com
Sun Feb 12 19:30:56 CET 2006

On 12-feb-2006, at 19:28, Bill Janssen wrote:

>>> So you're saying that the pre-installed version could never be  
>>> really
>>> acceptable.  In that case, perhaps we only need convince Apple to  
>>> move
>>> /usr/bin/python to some more system-y place that wouldn't usually be
>>> on users' paths.
>>> We then in the MacPython world take the position that Python isn't
>>> really pre-installed on Macs, and the place for a person to start
>>> would be to download the installer and run it.  Perhaps then in
>>> addition the installer could symlink /usr/local/bin/pythonw to
>>> /usr/bin/python, thereby solving the PATH issue.
>> That won't happen. Replacing system components is completely wrong,
>> what if someone finds a security bug in /usr/bin/python and Apple  
>> ships
>> a security update to fix it [*]. The installer should update the  
>> user's
>> path to ensure that our version of python is earlier on the PATH.
> I guess that would be one way to get Apple to ship Python updates :-).
> You missed the first part of my message, I think.  The system version
> would be installed under /usr/libexec/, or some such place, not under
> /usr/bin/.  That would leave /usr/bin free for the MacPython gang to
> install its version, or at least a symlink to /usr/local/bin/pythonw.

The system version is installed in /usr/bin. Or do you mean we should
only support some future version where Apple doesn't place python in
/usr/bin (which I hope doesn't happen)?

> Bill

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