[Pythonmac-SIG] MacPython documentation and webpages

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker at noaa.gov
Wed Jan 4 18:04:54 CET 2006


Thank you so much for taking a lead on this: it is sorely needed.

Mark Asbach wrote:
> Maybe it would be helpful to not distribute PackageManager with the  
> MacPython installer package any longer

I'm not sure the MacPython installer has anything in it that's truly 
useful anymore. I know I don't use anything in it. If there is useful 
stuff in there, maybe it could be separated out and put in the 
collection at pythonmac.org/packages

> on this topic in a prominent location. I've edited the  MacPython wiki 
> page at http://wiki.python.org/moin/MacPython to  reflect the current 
> status of PackageManager.

Thank you for doing that. That kind of initiative is what makes Wiki's work!

> Jack: as your MacPython page was the first page that I found googling  
> for python on Mac topics, it would be nice if you found the time to  
> update the "News" section

Yes Jack, please do that! I know you haven't had much time for macpython 
lately, but for historical reasons, your page is quite prominent.

 > I found that information on
 > MacPython is split over a couple of web locations, most of which
 > feature incomplete, outdated or at least contradictory information on
 > where to get which version of MacPython.

This is so true. We really need a well laid out, definitive main page 
for Python on OS-X. Perhaps it can be hosted on python.org. Otherwise, 
pythonmac.org is a good option also, but its main page needs to be updated.

Once we've got that, we can try to get as many of the other pages to 
point to it as possible: maybe this would be a good use for a "google bomb".

I am neither the web master of any of those sites, nor a guru of 
MacPython, but I'll help where I can.


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