[Pythonmac-SIG] Cleanest way to access IOKit from Python?

Schollnick, Benjamin Benjamin.Schollnick at xerox.com
Thu Jan 5 18:32:42 CET 2006

> > Basically, I want to mess with a USB Input device (it acts kind of 
> > like a keyboard wedge) directly. It seems like the best way 
> to do this 
> > would be through IOKit. The question is, can I do it from Python?

Could you clarify what you mean by a "Keyboard wedge"?

Do you mean that it shows up on the USB bus as a keyboard?
If so, you may not need to do anything....

I'll double check tonight... I have a USB barcode scanner that 
the MOSX detects as a keyboard....

I believe that MacPython / Python can read if from a simple 

		- Benjamin

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