[Pythonmac-SIG] python 2.4.2 source builds 2.4.1?

Samuel M. Smith smithsm at samuelsmith.org
Mon Jan 9 06:58:08 CET 2006

> Aren't the instructions about the "makeframework install" somewhere in
> the Python source tree (a README or something like that)? I remember
> running into this issue with 2.4.2, then consulting docs somewhere in
> the code package I downloaded, then trying again successfully. The
> buildd process even rebuilt all the packages I had installed in the
> site-packages directory. Unexpected, but not an issue.

Could be, but at least two posts on this and the main python board  
said that python builds out of the box

to Quote
"You'll have to build it yourself. That's not very hard, extract the
tar archive and run:

    cd Python-2.4.2
    ./configure --enable-framework
    sudo make install

Anyway I restored my old 2.4.1 installation  and then did a
sudo makeframework install and that worked and preserved my old  
installed packages.

Thats what I get for taking the message boards to literally.

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