[Pythonmac-SIG] Best site to get Numeric and wxPython for new Tiger 10.4 install?

Louis Pecora pecora at anvil.nrl.navy.mil
Wed Jan 11 22:56:56 CET 2006

Christopher Barker wrote:

> Louis Pecora wrote:
>> I am trying to find which Numeric from pythonmac.org/packages/ 
>> <http://pythonmac.org/packages/>   I should use.
> In theory, you want one in:
> Mac OS X 10.4 (stock Python 2.3.5)
> However, there isn't one there. The one in:
> Mac OS X 10.3 (stock Python 2.3.0)
> may work. 

That worked (so far).  Thanks.

I also had to reinstall  kinds.py.  I had that package and ran the 
python setup.py install in the terminal.  Worked fine in Tiger 10.4.4.

> If it doesn't then you are stuck with upgrading to Python2.4 or 
> building Numeric yourself, which should "just work" including Vectlib 
> lapack support. If you do that, it would be great if you'd build a 
> package and it can be put on that site.
> Apparently most Tiger users are running Python 2.4

Yeah, I've thought about going to 2.4, but I don't need more 
installation complications for now.  If I can hold off, I will.


> -Chris


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