[Pythonmac-SIG] State of DrawBot, missing features

Dinu Gherman gherman at darwin.in-berlin.de
Thu Jan 12 11:44:50 CET 2006


Could someone, please, provide insight into the current state of
DrawBot [1], a nice interactive graphics programming environment,
originally written by Just van Rossum? I asked Just via private
email some weeks ago, but either he's busy or his reply hasn't
made it through my spam-filter.

The website mentions an upcoming release 2.0 and the current pages
describe features which I cannot reproduce in version 0.91a avail-
able for download. Among these are all text-related commands shown
on the respective reference webpage [2]. I screened the available
source code and could not find any code implementing these features.

I'm aware of Bob Ippolito's beefed-up version [3] of DrawBot, but it
shows the same effects concerning these commands and Frederik Lundh
seems to have abandoned his efforts to port DrawBot to Windows [4]
due to its "overforking disease."

So I wonder what is the current state of the art? At least it would
be nice to be able to use features as advertised on the webpages.



[1] http://www.drawbot.com
[2] http://www.drawbot.com/reference/text.html
[3] http://pythonmac.org/wiki/DrawBot
[4] http://effbot.org/zone/drawbot.htm

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