[Pythonmac-SIG] Mac Python and eggs...

Ronald Oussoren ronaldoussoren at mac.com
Thu Jan 19 20:28:52 CET 2006

On 19-jan-2006, at 19:44, Christopher Barker wrote:

> Bob Ippolito wrote:
> There are eggs up on Cheese Shop for use with easy_install.
> This brings up a question. I think it's a really good idea if we can
> decide, as a community, what the canonical way is to distribute  
> packages
> to the MacPython world.
> Currently, I think putting a *.mpkg on pythonmac.org is that way.  
> Should
> we keep doing that? or is it time to switch to putting eggs in the
> cheese shop ? or eggs on python mac?
> thoughts?

IMHO both eggs and mpkg's have their place: eggs are great for  
automaticly downloading dependencies, mpkgs are better when you also  
want to install other stuff, such as examples or documentation, as  
well. IIRC Bob is leaning towards teaching bdist_mpkg to include, and  
install, eggs instead of "naked" packages.

The actual location of packages is not very important, as long as  
there is an easy way to get to them (such as an index on pythonmac.org).


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