[Pythonmac-SIG] Mac Python and eggs...

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker at noaa.gov
Tue Jan 24 01:35:21 CET 2006

Bob Ippolito wrote:
> Yes, the egg itself gets hosted on Cheese Shop, as well as the source  
> download (hence the "upload").
> The packages you often use are not yet using setuptools,

Do you know of a package I can find on cheeseshop that is using 
setuptools? I'd like to get a sense of what features that offers.

> so it's no  
> surprise that they don't take advantage of these new features that  
> aren't in distutils.

Well, matplotlib has an egg on the sourceforge download site, and NumPy 
is putting its include files in a odd place specifically to accommodate 
ssetuptools, and neither of those have eggs on cheeseshop. I guess 
setuptools really hasn't caught on yet. but it does seem to be gaining a 
lot of momentum, so I'm hopeful.

> Someone needs to convince the maintainers of  the 
> packages that you use that they should be using setuptools, at  least 
> for distribution (but not necessarily as a requirement for  installation).
>> Frankly, that doesn't do any more for me than Google, at least for
>> packages I already know the name of.
> That's orthogonal.

That was based on the fact that I just got pointed back to the project's 
primary download site anyway, that's usually not hard to find (for a 
project I know about anyway). If the eggs were available directly on 
Cheeseshop, then it would be better.

>> What that tells me is that there is a need for an OS-X package (or  egg)
>> repository on pythonmac.
> I'm not at all convinced on that point. 

The reason we've ever needed it hasn't changed: most package maintainers 
don't build packages for OS-X. The Mac community has always had to do 
that itself for most packages. The only exception for the packages I use 
is wxPython. (and Robin is looking into eggs)

If we can't get package maintainers to build OS-X compatible eggs, what 
good does cheese shop do?

It's also really nice to have one-stop shopping for OS-X Python packages.

Another issue I wonder about is all the possible combinations of OS-X 
and Python versions that we're dealing with. Do they all need a separate 


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