[Pythonmac-SIG] Mac Python and eggs...

Charlie Moad cwmoad at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 19:17:48 CET 2006

> > No, you didn't misinterpret my post, but according to Bob, you could
> > easily upload the eggs directly to cheeseshop -- why not do that?
> Because he's not finished testing it, yet? These particular packages are
> somewhat complicated and only recently have been eggified.

Technically because there is also a 5MB limit on cheeseshop which the
mpl binary eggs surpass by a few MB.  The windows/linux mpl eggs seem
to work fine, and I was even able to include static libs for freetype
and png in the osx.4 egg.  Robert is right as well though.  I am
waiting for these to become a little more mainstream before I post
them (them == osx eggs, because win32/linux eggs are up on sf).

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