[Pythonmac-SIG] ANN: ActivePython is now available

Trent Mick trentm at ActiveState.com
Wed Jan 25 01:45:51 CET 2006

[bear wrote]
> So far I've been reading the preliminary work that Bob has done and I've 
> been starting to wade thru the Apple dev docs but have yet to construct 
> a configure line that works :)
> Let me know what I can do to help.  Pointers to how you guys are doing 
> the builds would help :)

Currently (for the core python part at least) I'm mostly just doing:

    ./configure --enable-framework
    make frameworkinstall

I have a number of patches that I apply:
Only some of those are relevant to the core Python build on OS X.
For example, macosx_arch.patch.

It is on my todo list to get my stuff building with the Python SVN head
and start getting some of these patches in the core.


Trent Mick
TrentM at ActiveState.com

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