[Pythonmac-SIG] building universal binaries

bear bear42 at code-bear.com
Wed Jan 25 23:59:33 CET 2006

Kevin Ollivier wrote:
> How exactly are you doing this? Are you passing these flags into 
> configure, or editing the configure script? I'm seeing that it does 
> matter where in the configure script the options are added. From my 
> tests so far, the test 'failures' in the configure script are 
> incorrect - it seems these options just trip up the tests somehow. (I 
> think, for example, the multi-architecture flags don't work with flags 
> for a "dry run" compile from what I've read) I've found that for wx, 
> adding the options after these tests worked correctly.
That's the difference then - I'm setting the env vars and letting 
configure do it's thing.  I don't control the configure script and was 
trying to see if I could build with minimal patching.

> I've found that without the -isysroot, it creates/links "single 
> architecture" objects even when multiple -arch flags are specified. 
> ;-/ So you'll need to be able to specify those flags but after the 
> basic tests are run. At least, that's how I was able to succeed with wx. 

That does help a lot - let me first hack the script and then pass 
upstream any changes I've had to make.

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