[Pythonmac-SIG] Universal binary build of py2app application won't run on 10.3.9

Ronald Oussoren ronaldoussoren at mac.com
Sat Jul 1 18:45:52 CEST 2006

On Jun 30, 2006, at 10:50 PM, Christopher Barker wrote:

> Bob Ippolito wrote:
>>>>> Would it be hard to put a little hack in Py2App to include that
>>>>> particular lib, even though it is in /usr?
>>>>> Or better yet, a way to pass in a list of libs you want included
>>>>> regardless of their location.
>> It's a bad idea, and redistributing components of OS X isn't legal
>> anyway.
> OK, I understand the legal issues -- darn it!
> However. This is a problem, and there appears to be no solution,  
> other than:
> 1) Don't support 10.3.9
> or
> 2) Wait for Ronald, out of the goodness of his heart, in his free  
> time,
> to hack the Python build and put out a new version.

3) Take the tree at pythonmac.org, fix that yourself and send us the  

4) Extract the sources for the bz2 extension from the python source  
tree, build a static library of libbz2 and build a new version of the  
bz2 extension.

> I'm guessing that this may not be the ONLY lib that has this  
> problem --
> it's just the the one that's been discovered. Also, it seems possible
> that a user might have a similar problem with a lib that isn't  
> Apple's.

With python 2.5 zlib has a simular problem.  The fact that their  
might be other undiscovered issues is a very good reason for NOT  
adding this option, we want users to tell us about issues like this.

Any vendor that installs libraries in system locations asks for being  
blasted on this list.

It is rather obvious that nobdy here really cares about 10.3.9. The  
2.4.3 universal installer has been out for ages and there have been  
test releases before the production release and nobody seems to have  
tested on 10.3.9 until now.

I don't use 10.3 myself and have reason for supporting 10.3 other  
than that it seems to be a Good Thing (TM) to have. Given that I'm  
working on Python in my free time and don't have too much of that one  
can expect that 10.3.9 support for the binary installers will be less  
than optimal.

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