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Tom Elliott telliott99 at mac.com
Fri Jul 14 00:57:28 CEST 2006


Some time ago I asked this list for help with a "Newbie problem"  
which was really about Cocoa rather than PyObjC:  to determine which  
button of a set of radio buttons (NSMatrix) was selected.  Bob  
Ippolito kindly suggested the following elegant filter solution  
(given radioMatrix as an outlet, and getRadio_() as the action to  

     def getRadio_(self):
		selectedCells = filter(lambda cell: cell.intValue() == 1,

This actually seemed to work 1.5 years ago.  I can't verify that now  

Today I had occasion to go back to this code and it clearly has a  
problem.  The list of cells with intValue() == 1 includes both the  
currently selected cell and the previously selected one.  Each time I  
select a new button, I get two positives from the filter, unless I  
choose the same button twice in a row.  Even selectedCells() is  
supposed to return both selected and *highlighted* cells, according  
to the docs.

In my tests, selectedCells() returns the correct value, but it seems  
better to use selectedCell().  Or, selectedRow() (for a single column  
matrix) can also be queried to get the correct value.  I don't know  
if this is surprising or it's obvious to everybody.  FYI.

Thanks for all your help.  Someday I intend to write a FAVSQ for  
PyObjC (FA very simple Q).  I think it's wonderful what you've done,  
but even simple things have taken me quite a while to figure out.   
And I think a helpful thing would be to dissect out very simple  
examples of all common situations.

Tom Elliott
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