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Kevin Walzer kw at kevin-walzer.com
Sun Jul 16 16:30:52 CEST 2006

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Joel Levine wrote:
> I am trying to get up and running under Mac10.4 with the Intel chip.
> My old code runs on my 10.3 machine. On this machine, it can not find
> Numeric.
> That's reasonable: It isn't there.
> If I copy the contents of my old Numeric folder to a proper location,
> Python simply dies when I try to import. It will be obvious that I'm not
> experienced with Unix: I'm guessing that the old folder contained
> compiled code that doesn't belong on that machine.
> So -- I downloaded NumPy. I've put it in a folder of its own, for
> safety. The instructions tell me to install with the command:
> python setup.py install
> But I'm running into a permission problem. I get
> error: could not create 'build': Permission denied
> Any suggestion?

Try installing the universal build of Python 2.4.3 and rebuilding numpy.
  Simply moving binaries from 10.3 PPC to 10.4 Mactel won't work;
they're not compatible. If you want to simply build numpy on your new
machine with the Python installed there, try adding a "sudo" to python
setup.py install; that should solve the permissions issue.

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