[Pythonmac-SIG] Drag and Drop Launch of whatever.py?

Ned Deily nad at acm.org
Fri Jul 21 02:33:38 CEST 2006

In article <44C01B9A.8030503 at noaa.gov>,
 Christopher Barker <Chris.Barker at noaa.gov> wrote:
> Bob Ippolito wrote:
> > That's kinda strange, maybe PythonLauncher is broken. I don't think  
> > anyone has paid attention to it in a few years.
> Last I tried, it worked. The trick was to make sure that *.py files were 
> associated with. I don't remember how to do that, though.

One way:  In the Finder,  do a "Get Info" on any .py file.  In its info 
panel, use "Open with" to find and select PythonLauncher.  Then click  
the "Change All..." button below "Use this application to open all 
documents like this".

 Ned Deily,
 nad at acm.org

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