[Pythonmac-SIG] Converting Type 1 fonts for use with Mac OS X Version 10.4.6

corporate user layne.bilyeu at robbstucky.net
Wed Jun 21 16:45:03 CEST 2006

My comments assume you are moving from an older Mac OS system.

I brought all my Type1 PostScript fonts with me when we switched to  
OS X. The Apple Type Solution Server recognizes the fonts just fine.  
Watch your file permissions once they are in Darwin/OS X. Fonts do  
not need to be executable. They are data. Fonts should not be  
writable, you should not change a font..

OS X does have the problem of 'consolidated' font families confusing  

It takes some time to explain to a graphic designer why their family  
of WoodtypeOrnaments that worked fine under OS 8.6 doesn't behave  
properly under Mac OS X. They forget that they created this family  
from the free fonts that shipped with Illustrator 88, Photoshop 5.5,  
and some pieces that were taken from various jobs that passed by.

(Bold from 1987, Italic from 1992, BoldOblique from the new vendor  
that bought out the original foundry, etc). Although these worked  
happily under Mac OS 8, the new font system utilizes far more of the  
metadata. Even slight variations in the spelling of attributes that  
were not utilized in pre-Darwin Mac OS will cause some problems for  
the ATS server.

Hope this info helps somebody.

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