[Pythonmac-SIG] ical.py loose in the wild

John Hazen john at hazen.net
Wed May 10 01:16:12 CEST 2006

* skip at pobox.com <skip at pobox.com> [2006-02-12 17:31]:
> My little iCal event/todo manipulator is loose and available from my Python
> Bits page:
>     http://orca.mojam.com/~skip/python/

I had a look at this, but I think I need something different.
Basically, I've got email messages with iCalendar (.ics) file

I can use python and procmail to get the attachment, and save the file
somewhere.  I was hoping to use the AppleScript Utility to set up a
watch on that directory, and tell iCal to import those files.

I can't seem to find the way in the iCal dictionary to make it import a
file (the "open" command thinks it's an iCal calendar, and errors out).

I could use ical.py, combined with some way of parsing the ics file
(which is from Exchange), and generate the event, but that seems like a
lot of extra work, and likely to incur translation errors.

I've tested the import of the .ics file using the Menu in iCal, and it
understands the files perfectly.  Is there some way to do this under
script control?



P.S.  I'd prefer to do this with python, but this is essentially an
applescript question.  Sorry if it's too OT.

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