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Ronald Oussoren wrote:

> I'm going to replace my hack with this suggestion.

Glad that worked.

> Now that I have the attention of someone that actually knows something
> about tk :-)... This[1] document mentions I can implement support for
> open events by implementing the tk function ::tk::mac::OpenDocument. Do
> you know how I can implement such a function in python?

I don't know the exact Python code, but the way I do this in Tcl is to
define a procedure that opens a file and then link this procedure to the
 ::tk::mac::OpenDocument procedure; the ::tk::mac::OpenDocument call
passes a list of files dropped on the Wish app icon to the actual code
that opens and loads your documents. It looks something like this:

proc openFile {file} {
	#do stuff here

proc ::tk::mac::OpenDocument {file} {
	openFile $file
Perhaps you could use something like this to wrap the raw Tk command:

def macOpenDocument:

You'd still have to do the other part of the equation, that is, linking
the macOpenDocument function to the other IDLE code that actually loads
files for editing.

Sorry if my Python isn't quite right here, but hopefully you get the idea.

> And a last question for now: is the look&feel of the latest tcltkaqua
> universal release[2] more OSX-HIG compliant than the version shipped
> with OSX? The L&F of IDLE really sucks right now, I have fixed the easy
> things (menus, statusbar) in my local tree, but know to little of
> tkinter/tcltkaqua to fix the rest (dialogs without title bars, foreign
> looking tabbed view in the preferences window, window background isn't
> striped, ...) in a reasonable time.

There are some improvements. Text entry fields have a proper blue "focus
ring" on them, and there are other little things. The other parts are
do-able, but would either require either rewriting a lot of IDLE's code
(to correctly map dialog boxes to HIG-conformant ones), or using a
binary extension called "Tile"  (included with my installer). Tile
solves a lot of basic Tk's deficiencies with the HIG, including the
striped background, notebook tabs, etc. I don't think Tile has really
made it to Tkinter yet in terms of use; there's an alpha-level wrapper
of it, but the site is chronically off-line and, to my knowledge, no
applications really make use of it yet.

You mentioned earlier about making IDLE more HIG-conformant. Is this the
kind of stuff you had in mind? I might be able to contribute something a
bit later, after a couple of other projects I'm working on are complete.
But some of these changes would be so extensive (adding Tile, for
instance, which would also improve the L&F on Windows) that I anticipate
getting them rolled back into the main Python tree would be hard: it
would require Python to ship Tile as well as Tcl/Tk, for instance. So
I'm not sure how much you'd want here.

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