[Pythonmac-SIG] Why Do I Explicitly Need MacPython

Ronald Oussoren ronaldoussoren at mac.com
Sat Sep 23 17:05:20 CEST 2006

On Sep 22, 2006, at 8:57 PM, Bob Ippolito wrote:

> On 9/22/06, Russell E. Owen <rowen at cesmail.net> wrote:
>> In article
>> <6a36e7290609220951w49e14a65oe649214183776d95 at mail.gmail.com>,
>>  "Bob Ippolito" <bob at redivi.com> wrote:
>>> On 9/22/06, Christopher Barker <Chris.Barker at noaa.gov> wrote:
>>>> Simon Brunning wrote:
>>>>> On 9/22/06, Christopher Barker <Chris.Barker at noaa.gov> wrote:
>>>>>>> I can build most of them myself
>>>>>> If you do, please contribute them by sending them to Bob I.
>>>>> As in, I can do "setup.py install" and install them for myself.  
>>>>> How do
>>>>> I build a distributable package?
>>>> Get Py2app, then use:
>>>> bdist_mpkg
>>> bdist_mpkg -z will produce a zipped .pkg and save you a step...
>> Is there a flag that will make a .dmg instead of a .zip? If not, I'd
>> like to look into contributing one. (I find dmg convenient because it
>> can just be ejected after the installation; it doesn't have to be
>> deleted).
> No, there isn't, and I'd rather not have one.
> I prefer zip because it can be processed without proprietary tools. If
> I really needed to get at the contents of a package from a BSD box I
> could unzip it and then pax out the files. If it was in a DMG I'd be
> screwed.

I'm -0 on adding support for DMGs.  Using a DMG doesn't buy enough  
over a zip to warrant spending time on it.


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