[Pythonmac-SIG] Compiling Scipy/available binaries for Universal Python 2.4?

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker at noaa.gov
Fri Jan 12 18:12:36 CET 2007

Robert Kern wrote:
> Yup. -framework Accelerate

Robert, just so we're clear here. If one does a straight "setup.py 
build" with numpy 1.0.1, do you get a version that uses Veclib? I do 
understand that that is the Fortran-compatible version, and thus may 
result in some extra copying to shift between row and column major 
ordering. By the way, if one were to take care to use Fortran ordered 
numpy arrays, would you avoid that copying?

On a few other topics in this thread:

Nicholas Riley wrote:
> How about posting them on your own Web site then?  If you don't have
> one, the price of commodity Web hosting is virtually zero,

Cost is not the issue -- I think the community is far better served if 
there are a small ( ideally one ) number of places to go for Python 
modules on OS-X. Ideally, it's possible to keep stuff in sync there too.

> It's been repeatedly stated on this mailing list that the currently
> pythonmac.org maintainer doesn't have time, and would be happy to
> relinquish control to someone who did.  But nobody's volunteered.

Not quite true. Bob has been out of town recently, and, indeed I have 
volunteered to put stuff up there, but we've haven't coordinated that 
yet. Bob -- can you give me permissions to put stuff up myself, or will 
you be around enough for a while to keep doing it yourself?

He has been looking for someone to maintain the Wiki, but I don't think 
I can do that.

> It is really rather tiresome to read about people asking for "someone"
> to do something when everyone's doing this work for free.

I, for one, have spent quite a bit of time helping people out on this 
mailing list and others, and have built packages and contributed them to 
pythonmac as well.

As it happens, I haven't needed SciPy recently, so I haven't built it, 
so I can't contribute it -- I hope to do so soon. However, I'm not sure 
it's so unreasonable to ask someone that has gotten a great deal of help 
on lists like this to then take the extra effort to put what they've 
done up for others. I know I've tried to do that.

David Warde-Farley wrote:
> I would do it but again, I'm not sure my binaries are "good"

OK, this is a key problem. The truth is that we all have different 
needs, and someone that has gotten numpy/MPL/SciPy all working for them 
may not have a version that will work for everyone (Universal support, 
working with TK and Wx, etc.)

So there does need to be a bit of testing and coordinating.

I hereby volunteer to do that. If someone things they have it all ready 
to go, let me know, and I'll try to test and make sure that everything 
fits together. From Robert's messages, I think I have a pretty good idea 
what's possible. Again, this is what I think we should put up on pythonmac:

python 2.5 (I'm still on 2.4, but if someone is putting effort in, they
might as well do the latest)

latest numpy
latest matplotlib
latest wxPython

All Universal and working together!

latest SciPy, built for the numpy above, linked to veclib. One each for 
PPC and Intel.

Are there any other commonly used packages that need to be version 
compatible with these?


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